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Unleashing the Extraordinary: Timothy Phillips and the Path to Success

Prepare to be inspired by the extraordinary journey of Timothy Phillips, a true embodiment of the power of education and real-world application. Through investing time in his own education and applying the principles he learned, he has achieved remarkable results that have left a lasting impact.
With an impressive ...

Embrace Your Journey to Success with Sunlit Motivation

Our mission is simple yet profound: to guide you in overcoming your struggles and empower you to create the successful future you've always dreamed of. At Sunlit Motivation, we understand that true success lies in harnessing the magic of an energetic staff. We believe that the strength of an organization is not ...

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Your Next Big Breakthrough May Be One Booking Away

The Goal-Getter: A Complete Guide to Limitless Living

The skills you used to master a doorknob so long ago are the same skills teachers, pastors, and presidents use to manage classrooms, lead congregations, and change the world. For the student who wants to master mathematics, for the musician who wants to learn that next complex piece, for the businessmen and women who need to double sales, and for that parent who wants to simply come home from a complex job, this book is for you. The Goal-Getter: A Complete Guide to Limitless Living is the step-by-step text book your logical mind will appreciate. You were designed for achievement. Let's do this, then let's do this again!

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The Goal-Getter: A Story That Teaches How to Become One

Inside every one of us is the DNA to accomplish any goal we want. Noemi is one of the few people who leaves her secure job to start a business in hopes to achieve her dreams and goals. However, even with the encouragement of her family, she quickly learns that her own strength might not be enough to build this business and seeks out the aid of a seasoned leader named Theresa. Theresa not only knows the system of reaching goals but knows how to teach and inspire those who are willing to listen. Noemi and the reader get exposed to the Goal-Getter system that teaches a formula anyone can learn. Your next big achievement may be one more book away. Mine was.

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Tools and Resources

Future Me

A great tool for quantifying long term goals.

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Fine Art: Michael

Don't quit your daydream.  Utilize fine art for reinforcement.

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"What Do You Call Someone With 51% Faith? Courageous. Let's All Be a Little Courageous Today." - Timothy Phillips

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