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Self-help Books

The Goal-Getter: A Complete Guide to Limitless …

The skills you used to master a doorknob so long …
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The Goal-Getter: A Story That Teaches How to …

Inside every one of us is the DNA to accomplish …
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Achieve Your Goals

The skills you used to master a doorknob so long ago are the same skills teachers, pastors, and presidents use to manage classrooms, lead congregations, and change the world.  

For the student who wants to master mathematics, for the musician who wants to learn that next complex piece, for the businessmen and women who need to double sales, and for that parent who wants to simply come home from a complex job, this book series is for you.  

The Goal-Getter: A Story that Teaches How to Become One reaches into your creative mind and demonstrates each success principle in real-world activities. 

The Goal-Getter: A Complete Guide to Limitless Living is the step-by-step text book your logical mind will appreciate. Together, they are a complete left-and-right mind exercise that will allow you to live limitlessly!

"What Do You Call Someone With 51% Faith? Courageous. Let's All Be a Little Courageous Today." - Timothy Phillips

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