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Goal-setting Coaching and Speaking Services

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"A Leader is Able to Extract the Exceptional From The Average." 

Timothy Phillips

How to Master the Dead-bolt Your Goals

Five out of every hundred professionals accomplish their goals with any amount of satisfaction. One out of those five create a way of life that is admired by people of influence. Where do you fit in?

In the Four Pillars of Goal-Setting, we will learn to ignite our imagination towards a specific endpoint. We will discover the mental programs that hold us back. We will identify distractions in our environment. Most of all, we will learn how to sidestep all the roadblocks and become a goal-getter—a person we choose.

A quick lesson on setting goals. Timothy Phillips has created the most simple way to look at setting goals. "A box in a box with an arrow." is all you need to know to accomplish whatever aspirations a person, a group, or an organization demands.  

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"What Do You Call Someone With 51% Faith? Courageous. Let's All Be a Little Courageous Today." - Timothy Phillips

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